Bill Deckert

Global Director, Owner's Project Management
College of Architecture, University of Cincinnati

Bill has more than 30 years of experience in assisting owners with the development of clean compliant facilities for companies around the globe. He has proven ability to develop the C&Q plans, Quality oversight and has extensive experience in scheduling, risk assessments, data communication and delivery of resources to meet the client’s expectations.

Bill’s unique combination of technical knowledge for designing, building and qualifying manufacturing facilities, and the technical process knowledge for today’s leading edge manufacturing facilities, allows him to assist clients in every aspect of their regulatory and capital improvement programs. He has worked extensively with sterile fill suites, grassroots sites, renovations of existing facilities, onsite operations, clean compliant manufacturing and containment. Bill is excellent in a team environment and possesses strong leadership capabilities. His long history of successful projects is attributed to his depth of knowledge of personnel, products and industry subcontractors/consultants.