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Our Automation Owners Project Management (OPM) is an entirely new approach to Process Automation. We believe it is more than just writing code-it is a continuum of deliverables, dovetailed together to provide a transparent, accessible, and reliable Process Control System (PCS).

It is a modular, scalable system to create a framework around all aspects of Process Automation. From Conceptual Process Control System (PCS) design, to Process and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s), to DeltaV/PCS coding, to commissioning and qualification of the Automation System, OPM is the playbook to manage and deliver outstanding results. By creating and following this framework, automation projects, and managers, are no longer “in the dark”. By following these detailed guidelines, change orders will be minimized, schedules kept intact, and end-of-project surprises eliminated.

How We Do It

By carefully documenting each and every phase in the Automation Plan, we have developed a reliable and repeatable procedure for Process Automation. All project deliverables are tracked, from development to approval, and kept in one place. No more building from the wrong P&ID revisions. No more using outdated or incorrect module libraries. No more excuses!

When it comes to getting consensus and approval on designs, every stakeholder is on the same page. Everyone knows if there are problems, and what to do about them if they occur.

After the design is finalized, we ensure that everyone on the team is aligned. As documents are developed and approved, they become part of the project archive and are made available to everyone. Any changes that are made are coordinated with the team to ensure ongoing efficient project execution.

Oversight Throughout the Project

Before the PCS coding begins, our framework precisely defines how the system will operate and function. This means Quality Assurance (QA) can verify and approve process parameters, operations, messaging, and alarming.

We then ensure the applicable standards are enforced, such as IEC 61131, ANSI/ISA S88 and S95. Proper libraries and knowledge repositories are utilized in accordance with design documents and protocols. No Black Box development here. All aspects of code generation follow the carefully defined framework, as developed by our Process Automation Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Simply put, this means you’re running the project, not the Systems Integrator.

Prior to Acceptance Testing, we model controller code to ensure proper data handling procedures are met, recipes and phases download, and networks meet communication standards. We also ensure data flows upward from controllers, through PCS and Historian to the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) layer, and above, in accordance with S95 model and Detailed Design Specifications (DDS).

Our objective is the same as yours: Deliver a robust Process Control System that is collaborative, transparent, and without surprises.

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