Build Confidence Into Your Facility

Efficient Building Operation is No Accident

Our commissioning services will give you confidence in your facility’s performance. We know commissioning is not a “one size fits all” activity. Whether you are building a new site, expanding an existing site, or making improvements to increase functionality and efficiency, we can provide a comprehensive set of building commissioning and sustainability services to help you achieve your goals.

A very common misconception is that Commissioning is the final step of the construction process and that the Commissioning Agent isn’t needed until the end of the project. However, it has been proven time and again that projects are far more successful when the CxA is involved from the very beginning.

Commissioning Agents, Inc. applies a logical, structured building commissioning process and “no surprises” approach to projects. We actively guide projects to meet your functional requirements and expectations. Our methods result in improved project delivery quality and are a key component to being on schedule and on budget. Ultimately, your building works as specified, with a documented set of instructions for years of sustainable operation.

Our Advantage

  • Independent Objectivity. We work in cooperation with architects, engineers, contractors, and vendors, but view things through the eyes of the owner and operators. As a result, no surprises. Your building meets specification.
  • Critical Facility Focus. Our expertise and focus is in commissioning for critical facilities and systems. It’s what we do everyday, not a small subset of services. We are the experts to call when you need commissioning specialists that will, simply, get the job done.
  • Tailored Solutions. We tailor our level of service to the nature and needs of your project so you receive a fully functional facility at a great value.


Building Commissioning and Sustainability Services

Building Cx for New Construction

A planned, documented, and comprehensive pre-commissioning and formal commissioning effort builds in quality throughout the project.

The Goal of Building Cx: Expect and Receive Fully Functional Building Systems

We confirm equipment and systems are fully operational and meet your requirements. We verify quality and training, and prevent project delivery degradation through proactive review comments and observations. This process provides documented confirmation building systems function in compliance with criteria set forth in the Project Documents to satisfy the owner’s operational needs.

Our Building Cx Services

  • Building automation and energy management systems
  • Central plant systems and utilities
  • HVAC systems
  • Life safety systems and building integration
  • Medical gas and lab air systems
  • Emergency and back-up power systems
  • Total building Cx
  • Building envelope commissioning
  • Design reviews and life cycle costing
  • Maintenance and reliability program development

Existing Building Cx

We use existing building commissioning principles to determine where improvements can be made to enhance comfort and energy efficiency. We perform comprehensive testing for proper operation per the specified design. We also support recommissioning your investment if your facility is just not performing to your expectations.

Decrease Your Costs

Existing building commissioning may require the development of new functional criteria in order to address the owner’s current systems performance requirements particularly if the building has been repurposed. Our team delivers the precise recommendations for your building. Our recommendations will result in actionable items that, when completed, result in a sizable return on investment.

Our ReCx and RetroCx Services

  • Building automation and energy management
  • Central plant systems and utilities
  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Emergency and back-up electrical systems
  • Total building commissioning
  • Building envelope commissioning
  • Maintenance and Reliability program development

Ongoing Building Commissioning


The intent of ongoing commissioning is to ensure that your owner’s requirements continue to be met. We shift our attention away from the verification of design and installation to instead focus on systems operation and benchmarking.

Commissioning is an investment in improved building performance throughout the life of your facility. It is more than simply hiring a contractor to produce the desired paperwork. Ongoing commissioning can address functional, economic, and environmental improvements to keep your facility efficiently serving your needs.

Reduce Energy Consumption, Rework, and Scope Changes to Increase Project Savings

Proactive risk management for capital projects reduces rework, punch list items, change orders (and their associated costs), and fosters team building. The result is a building operating smoothly upon occupancy and a team that is ready to keep it that way.

Our Capital Project Risk Management Services

  • Develop owner’s project requirements
  • Review basis of design
  • Perform commissioning design reviews
  • Review construction documents
  • Develop and execute commissioning plan
  • Review contractor and vendor submittals
  • Develop and execute functional performance testing
  • Perform operational data analysis
  • Develop maintenance and reliability program
  • Coordinate training
  • Prepare final commissioning report

Energy Management Services

We evaluate building energy systems in detail to define potential energy efficiency improvements. These improvements range from easy upgrades that can give a quick return on investment to long term capital improvements to make your facility sustainable for the long term.

Energy Use Optimization Results in Cost Savings

To improve your return on investment, we help set your energy goals and promote energy-efficient behavior in conjunction with other operational and environmental programs. To implement an energy use optimization plan, we provide recommendations including simple corrections, more complex ones and recommendations for potential capital improvements. We also help connect you with energy rebate programs in your area to maximize your return.

Our Energy Management Services

  • Energy audit benchmark
  • Energy modeling and pre-measurement and verification
  • Retro-commissioning and investigation
  • Plan of corrective actions
  • Owner’s energy program implementation

LEED® Consulting and Commissioning

Whether your sustainability measures are mandated or chosen, we can provide the commissioning and documentation to help you achieve certification goals.

Meeting Local, National, and Global Standards

We have experience with a variety of global, national, and local standards and we maintain a presence on committees within organizations that write commissioning guidelines. Whatever your sustainability objective, we can help you meet it with teams from all over the globe.

Our LEED® Consulting and LEED® Commissioning Services

  • Fundamental commissioning
  • Enhanced commissioning
  • LEED® consulting
  • LEED® coordination
  • CALGreen commissioning



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